lundi 30 décembre 2013

Audio Streaming Ubuntu PulseAudio to Samsung Home Entertainment System DLNA HT-F4500 HT-F4550

My goal is to connect my Ubuntu VLC player with my TV Home Entertainment  via DLNA.

My configuration is laptop DELL Precision under Ubuntu 13.10 and Rygel DLNA Server.

Rygel packages installed:
  • rygel
  • rygel-gst-launch
  • rygel-gst-renderer
  • rygel-mediathek
  • rygel-playbin
  • rygel-preferences
  • rygel-tracker
  • librygel-core-2.0-1
  • librygel-renderer-2.0-1
  • librygel-renderer-gst-2.0-1
  • librygel-server-2.0-1
I think someones are not used here.

I use Rygel in user mode, so configuration file is located into ~/.config/rygel.conf

In configuration file I unset transcoding: enable-transcoding=false and  I set GstLaunch section :

mypulseaudiosink-title=FLAC Audio on @HOSTNAME@
mypulseaudiosink-launch=pulsesrc device=upnp.monitor ! flacenc

Ubuntu audio settings are set to play sound through DLNA/UPnP Streaming.
UPnP output volume should not be greater than 100% otherwise there is sound saturation with my system.

Once Rygel server is started, audio stream is accessible by Samsung DLNA Client as GstLaunch

Note (Jan, 02, 2014): Actually, I don't know why but I can't use every speakers of my 5.1 system.

These links help me:

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